1. #Breast WOOA

  2. #Breast surgery

  3. #WOOA eye surgery

    in detail
  4. #WOOA Rhinoplasty

    only for face
  5. #WOOA Lifting

    A single day
    to turn back
    ten years
  6. #Body contouring

    Perfect line at any angle
    Regional liposuction
    that only removes desired area


    1. #Dr. Kim Woo-Jung

      Difference in the outcome
      yielded by the 20-year-accumulated
      knowhow in breast surgery
    2. #Wooa's Breast Surgery

      Wooa Plastic Surgery's
      unique surgical technology
      helps maximize natural volume.
    3. Wooa's After Surgery

      After & Before
    1. #Wooa's Eye Surgery

      WOOA eye surgery that changes
      whole facial impression by considering
      skin age and individual eye shape.
    2. #DETAIL double eyelid line

      Whichever type of double eyelid line, in-line or out-line,
      we create eyes more defined and natural
      with eye shape design by considering overall face.
    3. Wooa's After Surgery

      After & Before
    1. #Wooa's Rhinoplasty

      Suggest rhinoplasty that involves
      a technique of changing overall facial contouring
      by a fine angle and line all at once.
    2. #Detail rhinoplasty of WOOA

      Detail is different from degree to line
      Natural line of the nose at ideal angle
      Naturalness as real nose
    3. Wooa's After Surgery

      After & Before
    1. #WOOA Lifting Center

      Previously unexperienced time slip effect
      with custom lifting care that considers
      skin characteristics, elasticity, and face line
    2. #WOOA SMAS Lift

      Pulls the entire skin and fixes it
      to a semi-permanent younger face
      Powerful SMAS Lift Effect
    3. Wooa's After Surgery

      After & Before


WOOA Doctors

Jungwoo Kim – Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon Jungwoo Kim

Seunghwan Lee

Plastic Surgeon Seunghwan Lee

Seokmin Choi

Plastic Surgeon Seokmin Choi

Sanghyun Lee

Dermatology Sanghyun Lee

Jemin Kim

Dermatology Jemin Kim

Sunhaeng Lee

Dermatology Seonhaeng Lee

Gyeong Heo

Anesthesiology Specialist Gyeong Heo

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