ABOUT OUR CLINIC Apgujeong Regen Plastic Surgery is lead by Dr. Kim Woo Jung with 15 years of Regen history. We are specialized in Breast surgery and anti-aging. We always do our best for safe and accurate treatments with our safety care system.
APGUJEONG REGEN PLASTIC SURGERY DERMATOLOGY 825, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Regen is located 200M away from Apgujoeng station exit no.4
ABOUT APGUJEONG REGEN / 2004 Regen Plastic Surgery Clinic (Apgujeong ) branch was established / 2008 Regen Plastic surgery facial contouring center was expanded / 2010 Awarded by Medical Korea (Customer satisfaction 1st place ) / 2011 Won Medical Korea grand prize for 2 years in a row Participated in a program “Let me in” / 2012 Won Medical Korea grand prize for 3 years in a row Selected as the best health organization in Gangnam district Regen medical tower was expanded / 2013 Won the Medical Korea prize for 4 years in a row Broadcasted on TV channels in USA and China / 2014 Won the Medical Korea prize for  years in a row  Won the first place on customer satisfaction prize for 3 years in a row / 2018 Apgujeong Regen Plastic Surgery was established


Why should we choose Apgujeong Regen? Check Dr. Kim Woo Jung’s 15 years with Regen. Seoul National University Apgujeong Regen Plastic Surgery Apgujeong Regen plastic surgery is a medical institute established by a plastic surgery specialist from Seoul national university. 4 years of well experienced doctors from Seoul National University department of plastic surgery have expertise and varieties of medical techniques. Apgujoeng Regen plastic surgery will try the best with passion and effort to treat patients like their families on the basis of well trained knowledge and bountiful experience.


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